Sunday School & Nursery 


Cabinet Mountain Calvary Chapel

Welcomes Children Too!



As a church body, we gather together, young and old, for song and worship in the main sanctuary Sunday morning. While some families stay together for the entire service, others prefer to send their children to the Sunday school classes. We encourage you to do what is best for your family.


Seating is available in the overflow room, at the back of the church, for parents with nursing babies or very young children.


Nursery and Childcare are available for babies, toddlers beginning at 9:30am


After Worship, children may attend age-appropriate Sunday school classes.


Children ages 3 & 4 meet in Classroom 1


Children ages 5-8 meet in Classroom 3


Children ages 9-12 meet in Classroom 2


Teens, who are currently 13-18 years old , may attend the teen group in Classroom 4




The Nursery: Available from the beginning of church service to the end. We have volunteers who are willing to care for babies and toddlers while you attend Sunday church service. Please be sure your child is healthy, and bring anything that will make them more comfortable- bottle, pacifier, extra diapers, and a change of clothes just in case!


Classroom 1: Available after worship. This classroom is designed for 9-12 year old students. Teachers present and overview of the books of the Bible, one each week. This is a small, interactive classroom. Students learn to use their Bible, an dhow to apply what they learn to their daily lives. They will learn about God from eternity past to eternity future, and the relationship between the Old and New Testaments.


Classroom 3: Available after worship. This classroom is designed for 5-8 year old children, who are learning to follow directions, read, write and study the Word of God. Teachers introduce students to the Bible. They are taught with a variety of crafts, songs, games, and an occasional video to help them learn. Students are rewarded at the end of each month if they bring their own Bible to class each time they attend.


You can help your children by preparing them for Sunday school. Be sure they are well rested and fed before coming to class. Get them a bible of their own. If you cannot afford a Bible for each child, we have Bibles that you can give to them.


Tell your children that while they are in the classroom, the teachers have authority over them, and you expect them to be obedient. If your children choose not to obey after two warnings, one of the teachers will bring your child to you in the main sanctuary. If that happens, please keep them with you until the end of service, and encourage them to do better next week.


After service, ask your children what they learned. If they were assigned a memory verse, work with them on that verse throughout the week. Students in Classroom 2 should bring a Bible and a notebook to class.


We are serious about teaching students in Classrooms 2 and 3 the inspired, inerrant, and infallible Word of God. It is our desire to see them become students of the Word.